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IBERSACO is the largest Portuguese manufacturer of screens and packaging of extruded polypropylene.

  • With or without lamination
  • With or without gussets
  • Color: various
  • Printing up to 16 colors
  • Double-sided printing
  • Printing on the gussets
  • With microperforation
  • With macroperfuration
  • BOPP - Bi-Axially Oriented Polypropylene (New)


Manufacturer of extruded polypropilene fabrics and packaging, with largely diversified products and uses.


Our bags comply with the strictest hygiene standards, certified and tested for several conditions and with or without coating.

Serving a wide range of applications, from the food to the construction industry, and may be manufactured to comply with the client's requirements, may it be punched handles, UV treatment and such.

Big Bags

Our highly resistant Big Bags come in several models, variable number of loops and customizable sizes, for a wide range of weights, and count with a proved, satisfied bank of clients.


Our high standard, cold cut BOPP bags allow for a better quality of printing and successfuly replace hot cut lamination.

Box Bags

Supplying the fiber industry with the highest quality box bags, ensuring a strict control of dimensions and prevention of any possible contamination.

Plain Fabric Rolls

Varying width, from 0,5 to 1,50 meters, several colours, coated and uncoated.

Recycled PP

Production and exportation of all the recovered material

Use of Products

Food Industry

saco industria alimentar
  • Multi-purpose, from corn to baking flour.

  • Internal paper bag.

  • Double internal raffia bag.

Chemical Industry

saco industria quimica
  • Prepared and certified for several purposes, cement, explosive material, etc...


saco carvao
  • Providing bags to be filled with all kinds of charcoal, waterproof to prevent leakage of contents

Simple Animal Feeding

saco racoes simples
  • For processed animal food products, specially cereal and flour based.

  • Uncoated Bags

  • 10x10 coating prevents the ink from migrating to product


saco sal
  • Prepared to contain salt for the food industry

  • Coated bag

  • Uncoated bag

Comp. Animal Feeding

racoes compostas
  • For animal food products, granulate based

  • Automatic filling

  • With coating

  • Guarantee of permeability


saco lenha
  • Suitable for the stoarage of cut wood, with macro punched handles

  • Guarantee of permeability


saco acucar
  • Complying with the highest hygiene standards and certified for storage of sugar for the food industry

  • Coated Bags

  • With and without top spout

Fertilizer Bags

saco fertilizantes
  • Safe storage of soil fertilizer for agricultural purposes

  • Coated Bags

  • With and without spout


We create material design to print on fabric bags.

Our design team can help you to create your brand bags.